The best escape rooms in Sofia

Are you in Bulgaria and don’t quite know where to spend your time hastily?

Are you seeking entertainment for yourself and your accompanying friends?

Or perhaps you organise a birthday party and have no idea where to celebrate this momentous occasion?

Funky Monkeys comes to the rescue with its best escape room in Sofia. The best escape room in Sofia is a place where, together with other players, you can take on the role of rebels on a mission to restore peace to a world plagued by wars and cataclysms.

Set in the distant future, where the Best Escape Room in Sofia game takes place, the ancient order Semper Servus has risen to power. Virtually, no one can stop them, but perhaps the Best Escape Room Sofia game participants could.

The mission starts with passing on information about the secret Semper Servus hideout. Players at Best Escape Room Sofia are tasked with infiltrating the headquarters and discovering the leaders’ identities. The Best Escape Room Sofia entry is intended for people at least 16 years old.