What is an escape room?

If you're asking this question, it means you've never touched the magic of an escape room game. This is a room that has been created solely for the purpose of fun and play, suitable for children and adults. But without revealing the details, we advise you not to hesitate and book an appointment for your game - then you will get the answer to the question above for yourself!
You must be 18+ to play.
Unfortunately, we can confirm that the puzzles and visual effects do not impress children. They found them too logical and difficult to access even with the help of an adult. For us, the satisfaction of every single player comes first, so we leave the mission to the adults.
Escape Room REBELLION IS NOT A FRANCHISE and the chance that you have played it in another country or city is zero. The entire room is custom made and built with puzzles designed and integrated specifically for this game and room. All items and objects in the escape room are handcrafted and connected logically in the overall story.
The playing time you have is 75 minutes and at all times you will be watched and listened to by our GameMaster. In case you fail to solve any of the riddles, we will jump in with a hint.
We know this question is quite important to quite a few of you. We would like to inform you that in our room you will not even think about the fear of tight spaces. Even if you feel this way, you can leave the game at any time and the rest of the team can continue. Please note that premature exit from the game by a player is not subject to compensation.
No! The room does not have actors, stressful objects and disturbing puzzles. The sole purpose is to make you relax and forget about the outside world.
Unfortunately you can't play alone as some of the puzzles require team play. The minimum number of players is 2, and the maximum is 6. Also, it is not suitable for more than 6, considering the size of the room and your comfort for playing.
Unfortunately, some of our puzzles are difficult for people with reduced mobility. In contrast, pregnant women will have no problem with every puzzle and could play completely safe.
Certainly not power! Everything in the room is crafted in a way that anyone could solve the puzzles without exerting force or pressure on objects or doors. Charge yourself with positive energy, set up for team play and everything can be solved with a naked eye.
Everything in the room was made with labor and correspondingly high financial costs. Naturally, it is also made in such a way that it cannot be damaged by slight physical pressure. In the event of any damage from your side, we will provide you with a detailed list of the cost of each device/part that you must pay for.
Please note that the room operates according to a strictly defined schedule and compliance with it is of great importance. In case of delay of more than 15 minutes and no-show, your reservation will be cancelled. Of course, a compromise can be made in case the slot after yours is not taken.
To make a reservation on the same day, please call our phone number +359879110025