Escape room Sofia

Are you looking for an escape room in Sofia? Opt for a great time in the Rebellion world. It is a place where you can experience splendid adventures with your friends.

The scenario offered in the escape room game in Sofia is meticulously detailed. Thus, you are sure to have a great time with no fear of illogical twists and turns. Upon entering the Sofia escape room, players become part of the Northern Axis Rebellion.

Their faction was just informed about the secret hideout of Semper Servus. Such a clue provides a golden opportunity to discover the Semper Servus headquarters and get to know the leaders’ identities. It is the only way to stop their pernicious influence on society as a whole and restore peace and order. However, there is a catch – the quest is potentially dangerous. Would the players walk away victorious?

The Sofia escape room can be visited only by people aged 16 and older. By booking a place, you confirm that all participants are at least sixteen years old. Visit our Sofia escape room while on holiday or when planning a surprise party for your friends. We warmly encourage you to visit.