The Northern Axis Rebellion


Players are part of the Northern Axis Rebellion (former European/Asian territory). Their faction has just received information about a secret Semper Servus hideout. This is their chance to infiltrate Semper Servus headquarters and find out the identity of the leaders.

This is the only way to stop the evil and harmful influence of society on the world and restore peace.

But this is a dangerous and potentially fatal mission…

Ескейп стая София България
Ескейп стая София
Ескейп стая
escape room sofia bulgaria
най-добрата стая за бягство
f cu masca

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Sofia, 34 Alexander Stamboliyski Blvd
Ние сме в далечното бъдеще. Светът не е това, което беше. Няколко световни войни унищожиха земното кълбо и останаха...
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