Escape room Bulgaria

Are you dreaming of an escape room adventure in Bulgaria but don’t know where to find such a place with the most exciting game scenario to follow?

We recommend Funky Monkeys in Sofia, where you can experience unforgettable moments with your friends. Our escape room in Bulgaria offers a space that, as it is new and most technologically advanced of its kind, attracts enthusiasts of puzzles, challenges and overcoming new obstacles.

So, if you have a detective’s mind and simultaneously wish to combat evil, try your hand at our “Rebellion” game. Who might benefit from a fun game in a place like escape room Bulgaria? Tourists and locals alike have been entertained here for a long time.

No wonder – the escape room in Bulgaria entices an unconventional scenario, intellectually challenging puzzles, and an entertaining atmosphere. The game is intended for people who are at least 16 years old. Its action takes place in the distant future when several world wars have destroyed the globe.

Players must find out the identity of the Semper Servus leaders who dominated the world and ushered in lawlessness. That escape room in Bulgaria is recommended by Trip Advisor.